DPS Cinema Does Wicked City for ABC-TV

Posted 10/07/2015

DPS Cinema brings the nighttime magic all the way home in Wicked City for ABC-TV using Digital Poor Man's Process

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How Movie Mogul Are You? 80’s Edition Quiz

Posted 09/24/2015

Remember the movies of the 80's? Prove that you are the ultimate Movie Mogul by identifying these iconic films.

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DPS Cinema Lights Up The Jungle for Jungle Book

Posted 09/22/2015

DPS Cinema lights up the Jungle for Jungle Book, in Disney's all new CGI retelling of their classic animated tale, The Jungle Book.

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How High Fidelity Are You|DPSINC.com

How High Fidelity Are You?

Posted 09/18/2015

How High Fidelity Are You? Are you a true musicologist? Do you know these famous record album covers without their titles? Find out now and challenge your friends.

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Rise Against Live at the Hollywood Palladium

Posted 09/17/2015

DPS Touring joined Rise Against and decided to “Give It All” to the crowd

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DPS Corporate Supports Verizon IndyCar 2015 Championship Celebration

Posted 09/16/2015

Design, Custom Fabrication, Lighting/Video/Audio Equipment and Production Expertise Unite to Bring IndyCar Award Show to Life

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The Offspring Live at the Hollywood Palladium

Posted 09/15/2015

DPS Touring joined forces with The Offspring for a “Pretty Fly“ Time at The Hollywood Palladium

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Can You Guess Who’s The Band?


Can You Guess Who's The Band? Take the quiz and challenge your friends. Share your results in the comments!

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Neil Young at Red Rocks

Posted 09/14/2015

DPS Touring and Legendary Rocker Neil Young Together on Tour

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Can You Pass The Music Junkie Quiz?

Posted 09/10/2015

How much of a music junkie are you? Take the quiz and challenge your friends. Find out now or go into withdrawal. Share your results in the comments! Get your fix now - we dare you!

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