DPS Cinema Enhanced Environments Process

DPS Cinema Enhanced Environments SM is a new twist on a classic cine technology that seamlessly merges acquisition and effects. This technique extends the sightlines of live sets using media (LED, projector, etc.) to seamlessly integrate through proprietary controls, on as large a scale as needed, while allowing talent and crew to visualize actual environments, rather than existing in a green screen world.

Vehicular Amplification — The original Poorman’s process
Set Extension — Virtually limitless proportions
Media Reality — Photo-realism on tap

• Extend sightlines using media
• Simulate realistic environmental light or hyper-reality
• Talent & crew visualize environment rather than being in a green screen world
• Move from daylight to night environments at the touch of a button
• Image specs (color, motion, brightness, etc.) fully adjustable on the day
• Allows talent to experience hyper-reality (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.)
• Can combine with green screens
• Integrate into existing acquisition & post workflow

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Seamlessly Merging Acquisition & Effects


Using a variety of tools, including modules of LED arrays that bolt together seamlessly, a background of virtually unlimited size and shape can be erected. In fact, the flexibility of configuration of LED Video modules allows construction of an enveloping media environment. DPS Cinema Enhanced Environments start with the company’s hallmark technical expertise and provides an entire toolkit to address virtually any challenge.

From Pre-Vis to Construction
To begin each project, DPS Cinema goes through an extensive pre-visualization process working with the production team to create the most creative, efficient and cost-effective customized solution. Individual LED modules may be placed in a myriad of configurations to create extension almost limitlessly, in any direction. Proprietary software maps the background video or still imagery over the entire pixel array to provide the desired background. The processor can position and modify that background exactly where the crew wants it — or change it on the fly. Other tools like projectors, lighting, and environmental elements are brought into play as needed. Once determined, the DPS Cinema team builds and installs the Enhanced Environment components on set.


Acquisition Friendly
With LED modules wrapped into a curving or flat background, there’s plenty of coverage to allow generous panning and tilting of the camera. And blazing fast computer processing speed makes the output to the LED screens fluid. So the shooting process is unhindered.

An Asset for Realistic Set Lighting
The Enhanced Environment allows the crew and actors to work in the environment the audience will eventually experience, instead of in front of sterile green or blue screens. However, blue/green screens can also be worked into the environment where needed. Talent and fixtures in shot are naturally lit by the backgrounds and subsequent lighting can be done with an eye to how it conforms to background lighting, with moving reflections from the background appearing on reflective surfaces.


Inspired Talent and Instant Control of the Environment
The actors are enveloped in the visual environment so they don’t have to imagine being in space, in a forest fire or out at sea; that environment is photo-realistically there with them on set. Additionally, the system’s complete control of the video environment allows productions to move from daylight to night environments at the touch of a button. And it is fully customizable. Entire sets can be changed instantly, one to the next, without ever leaving the stage.


Environment is Key


Claudio Miranda, ASC, known for embracing new technology for his hallmark imagery, worked with DPS Cinema’s Paul Kobelja to provide Enhanced Environments on the Disney feature, Tomorrowland. By mixing projection and flexible LED screens with pre-shot media, cast and crew derived the benefits of working inside seamless, photo-realistic environments while on stage.

“..you can actually place the talent in a lighting environment that is
photo real, and the whole thing grounds itself to reality.”



Video Walls
DPS Cinema houses thousands of leading-edge LED video panels to construct walls of virtually any size and configuration. There has never been a need too big for our vast inventory.


Advanced Lighting
DPS Cinema’s extensive lighting inventory includes state-of-the-art technology for lighting designers and directors of photography including fixtures and rigs. There’s effects lighting by brands such as Vari-Lite, Martin, and Clay Paky to professional Hollywood innovators like Cineo. DPS Cinema has the world’s largest inventory of Remote Phospor LED lighting including the TruColor® HSTM from Cineo. With more than twice the output of a 2K incandescent soft light, TruColor HS delivers an extended CRI over 95, generates a 160-degree beam spread, and uses less than 500 Watts of AC power.



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