New Year, New Opportunities

On January 10, 2013, DPS gathered in Burbank for a company wide meeting to kick off the new year.

The meeting was a great way for the DPS staff to learn about its latest motion picture division, new products being offered and improved upon procedures for 2013.

The meeting provided our sales staff with in depth training on sales, marketing and overall customer service. DPS has always placed a high emphasis on providing exceptional customer service to their clients. The sales meeting reinforced to the staff how vital client relationships are to DPS and stressed the importance of being there for one’s client. DPS looks forward to maintaining their client relationships in the entertainment industry, build on existing relationships with Fortune 500 companies and to form new relationships with future clients.

All in all, the 2013 DPS kick off meeting was a huge success. The company as a whole left feeling empowered, well informed and ready to take on 2013.


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