What Is The Grid?

The GRID is a value added service to benefit our clients in the music and filmed entertainment industry. DPS Inc. has installed a fully functional staging and production grid in our main warehouse located in Los Angeles, CA. The GRID facility is a value-added service that provides DPS Inc. clients with the pre-staging resources necessary to create a complete recreation of their design prior to load-in.

The GRID is comprised of a 60’ wide by 62’ deep, with 33’ trim hanging structure that can support up to 144,000 lbs. of gear; with power consisting of a 4×400 amp generator, allowing lighting designers and technicians to prep a full lighting system before shipping to ensure efficient load in times and a fully pre-programmed show. Clients will have the ability to pre-program all lighting and video cues in a space that mimics an authentic concert-touring environment.

DPS Inc.’s brand new pre-production facility is specifically designed and engineered with your specialized Concert Touring and Festival pre-show needs in mind and reserved exclusively for use by DPS Inc. clients.

Why Use The Grid?

Use The Grid To

Fly Your Full Rig

Handle up to
144,000 lbs of Gear

Pre-program, Test
and Refine Lighting

Help to Conserve
Pre-production Costs

The GRID’s Unparalleled Load Capacity

10,320 lbs per span

12,000 lbs per tower

144,000 lbs total


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