The Offspring Live at the Hollywood Palladium

DPS Touring joined forces with The Offspring for a “Pretty Fly“ Time at The Hollywood Palladium

The Offspring live at the Hollywood Palladium had a triumphant return to their Southern California roots and rock the house down and DPS Touring was there to provide 10 Vari*Lite VL3500 Wash FX, 6 Chroma-Q Color Force 72” RGBA LED Batten, 2 MA Lighting GrandMA2 Consoles, as well as 6 Martin Atomic Strobe 300, DMX, 2 Thomas 8-Lite Molefay and a Thomas 4-Lite Molefay.




Outside the Hollywood Palladium thousands of young and old diehard punk fans lined up to watch the sold out show for The Offspring. Nothing but 90’s nostalgia for all who were lucky enough to attend. Vocalist Dexter Holland proved that he could still carry a tune with the same iconic voice while lead guitarist Noodles and drummer Pete Parada showed they are not just a one-hit wonder band.




The backdrop of the stage was lit up with the now familiar black and white fire skull logo off their album “Conspiracy of One.” The Offspring opened with “Bad Habit” and quickly the mosh pit formed. Dexter Holland in excitement tells the audience “You look like the type of crowd that knows the words.” And know the words they did! They sang along in unison and threw empty beer cups while The Offspring performed “Gotta Get Away,” “Why Don’t You Get a Job,” and “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy).”




After an hour of performing, the band said their goodbyes and walked off stage. The audience in loudly and in unison repeated “one more song.” The Offspring walked back on the stage and the fans went wild. “I’m glad you guys stuck around. I’m so glad you didn’t leave because we’d like to play a couple more songs,” Dexter said. They closed with “Self Esteem” and when Holland sang “oh wey oh..yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” the crowd went wild. While some were content to jump to the beat, others took to crowd-surf their way across the Palladium floor.




At the end of the show, it was clear that The Offspring performed another iconic concert and proved why the band is still one of the biggest bands in alternative rock.

The Offspring has sold more than 36 million albums and performed thousands of shows across the world. The fans at the show not only enjoyed an intimate setting at the Palladium, but a show fans won’t soon forget.

Photographs from the show © Favian Fernandez


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